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Welcome to Southard K9

Top Quality Breeder

At Southard K9, we raise exceptional dogs in a loving and caring environment. We are dedicated to following a responsible breeding program. Our focus is on keeping our dogs healthy and happy for when we find them their new homes. 


About Us

A Quality Dog Breeder

Southard K9 {Tony Southard} is an established breeder and trainer. We have recently relocated to the mountains of N.C. We were originally based out of Newport N.C. and just made the move to build a better place to raise our beautiful Malinois. We have been breeding and training Malinois since 1992 including some other breeds along the way. We remain with the Malinois because of their ability to be the best working, protection, sport, family dog around. We strive to breed the best dogs we can, educate their new owners and ensure these awesome new family members get the love, care and attention they deserve. Contact us to find out more info. 

Meet Our Males


Bonky KNPV with Honors


Duco KNPV with Honors


Robbie KNPV with Honors

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We are thrilled so many happy clients have turned to Southard K9 to find their perfect animals. Take a look below to see what they have to say about using our services. If you have an experience to share, please let us know. We love receiving feedback.

“Buying great dogs , out of top combinations  and making the right matches providing all the work and upbringing and delivering supreme quality dogs , Tony Southard I am impressed.”
Gerben Kamphuis

"I was recommended to Tony and SouthardK9 by a friend whom knew I was in search for a top quality Malinois puppy. I've had extensive training and experience in screening breeders because I was a trainer and breeder of Alaskan Malamutes for many years. I've won 13 national weight pulling championship. One of my two 12 year old girl Malinois had passed so I was delighted with Southard K9 and Tony. During my correspondence and talking with Tony I determined that Tony really knows dogs. Both he and his wife Gina were helpful and nice during my purchase journey. My puppy I purchased from Tony and Gina has been a fantastic experience. My new pups name is Draka and is % months old at the time I'm writing this. Already Draka is doing great at Tracking, Scent Detection, Agility, Swimming and Obedience. He's already passed his CGC, Canine Good Citizen test. He's well on his way to being good at protection. He is confident with stable nerves and great around other dogs. If you're looking for a great Malinois I would highly recommend Southard K9.

Sincerely, Nathan Sellers and Draka

"After thousands of hours of research and thorough due diligence, Global Security Management Group (GSMG) has partnered with the finest Working Dog breeders in the world to deliver well-trained, trusted canine partners. At the top of our short list is Tony Southard from Southard K-9. From the time they are born, these canine security team members from Southard K-9, are socialized, trained, and cared for by Tony, considered one of the top breeders/ handlers in the world. Canines that have met his rigorous standardized criteria are examined by a team of Veterinarians to assure their health and pedigree. Tony's dogs are not considered pets, they are highly trained canine assets. If you are ever thinking about where to acquire your next working puppy or fully trained canine, Southard K-9 should be your only kennel choice."


President GSMG Security Inc.

“These dogs are amazing. Phenomenal dad and mom and these pups won’t disappoint-don’t hesitate you won’t be sorry. Incredibly loyal trusted protective and loving dogs. I know, I have five from Tony. Only the best here ❤️❤️"
Debra Zachas

“Tony and his wife visited us in the Netherlands. They are very honest and kind people. Tony is a man of his word, always does what he says. The dogs they have are from very high quality, special selected KNPV dogs with the best training and working lines.”
Huib Van Zundert

“Master K9 Trainer Tony Southard trains and produces top quality working dogs. 
I have known Tony Southard for at least five plus years and thoroughly recommend his K9s and his training for said K9s as top quality. The dogs Tony produces are top of the world bloodline working dogs.
I recently have been following one of Tony’s K9s named Kimber. K9 Kimber is a special narcotics certified K9 now in Ohio. Kimber is a Dutch Shepherd with superb abilities on and off duty. I have personally met Kimber and she is an outstanding K9.
I have been in Law Enforcement for over 22 years and have been a K9 handler with a drug task force during my years as a K9 handler. I have worked with many K9s during my career and can say that Southard K9s are some of the highest top quality dogs I have observed. 
Thank you so much Master K9 trainer Tony Southard for your quality K9s.“
Scott Keene


“For the past 33 years I have watched and assisted my father while he has trained the highest drive, dual purpose canines for Police Departments, Sheriff’s Offices, Military Branches and many Security agencies. In my 7 years in Law Enforcement I did not realize the exceptional quality of “Working” Canine he has produced until I became a K9 Handler myself, and he trained and donated a female Dutch Shepard to me as my K9. Her energy and drive is unbelievable and her ability to perform is unmatched. I am in awe watching her work and seeing firsthand the result of his training. She is responsible for multiple felony indictments and arrests and only seems to get better and better as we actively continue training. I recommend anyone looking for a prestigious bloodline, top quality, high drive canine to go to SOUTHARD K9.”

Reese Southard







“I have known Master Tony for Several Years. As a Professional Dog Trainer I appreciate having SouthardK9 as a resource. When I have clients that are looking for a puppy, I can always count on SouthardK9 to give me the Best of the Best. His Pups have Drive Full Grips Social personalities that Can be trusted as Loyal Well Loved Family Members.”Marsh Farms

“I have been around many sport and police dogs since owning my very own southardk9 and out of all of them, the genetics in a southardk9 have far exceeded my expectations and easily outrank the other dogs in the category. They are more drivey, more clear headed, and by far just look the best. Aside from the dogs, Tony and his wife, Gina, are amazing people who really care about what they do and care about the homes that their puppies are going to.”

“I LOVE the three Malinois I have purchased from Tony Southard. They are everything and more. I love to buy beyond my expectations. Each one an individual and wonderful in their own way. I would buy another any day of the week. Fabulous dogs. Beyond my expectations. ❤️🐊🐊🐊“

“Tony you have the best dogs ever these are the smartest dogs I have ever seen they learn so fast they are amazing dogs they are loving and loyal protective my girl loves people and does good around other dogs unless she thinks they are going to harm someone money could not buy her she is my best friend you have the best puppies around I love ❤️ my Sandy”
Anita Camp

“I’ve always wanted to own a Belgian Malinois, but not just any Malinois. A perfect companion, a hard working, dedicated, family dog. I searched and searched for several months until I came across Southard K9. I watched all of the training videos posted on the webpage, I looked at all of the pictures, everything. I was blown away, I knew I had to have one of THOSE dogs. I then searched for the owner and founder of Southard K9, and came across Tony Southard. I had so many questions and he was always there with an answer, I knew then and there that I was going to get one of THOSE dogs, but not only did I get the dog of my dreams, I also got a really amazing friend! Tony knew exactly what I wanted and he trained Kai (my Malinois) as a puppy the basics and got him started the way I needed and wanted him to! I drove 17 hours to pick up my best friend from Tony and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I will always go through Southard K9 to get the best of the best dog and companion.”

“Everyone says that Tony Southard's dogs are the best, that's because it is an absolute fact. His pups are intelligent, loyal, level headed, high drive, fearless, and are gorgeous. The best bloodlines you can find. My Southard K9 pup surpasses all expectations and I am so proud to have him join the family.”

“I couldn’t be happier with our Apollo. We told Tony we were looking for a SAR candidate and he picked a puppy whose nose just won’t quit. He’s so full of energy and exceedingly loyal. To y went above and beyond during the whole process and even helped arrange for a courier to avoid having to ship the puppy as cargo during an unusually hot summer.“

“I have been speaking to Tony for several months now. and can't wait to speak with him in person. sharing the knowledge is great and the trust is very high. I hope to visit his kennel in the future. and to welcome him in Rotterdam. to many more beautiful years in which we can share knowledge, beautiful moments and dogs.”

“Southard K9 doesn't just have high drive pups and dogs, they produce some of the best looking and highest drive we've ever seen. The pup we got was completely fearless, incredibly driven, healthy, stunning in appearance, and wouldn't let go of his bite for ANYTHING. As a K9 company ourselves we have to be incredibly picky about any dog we choose and honestly unless a client happens to want a breed that Tony doesn't have, we have no intention to ever go elsewhere again for what we need. Tony himself is a good knowledgeable man and an absolute pleasure to do business with. If you need a pup or a dog for a REAL job, look no further because you won't be disappointed.”

“Tony Southard is a reputable breeder and trainer.  He’s recently moved closer to me and that makes my soul happy cause now he can work on my furry troublemaker more often.   They put great time and energy into the dogs.  Thirty minutes of working with my dog the first time, got him in line.”

"I have always love pitbulls and American Bullies. But now after purchasing such an amazing puppy here, I am in love with this breed just as much!!! Couldn't ask for better business with Mr. Southard and his lovely wife. And Couldn't ask for a better pup."

“Early in 2021my Doberman passed away. I wanted another dog. I had owned 3 German Shepherd Dogs throughout my life and they all have a special place in my heart. I've wanted a Belgian i for a very long time, and a friend of mine knew that. When he heard that my dobe (Spartan) had passed away, he called and asked if I'd be interested in a Mal. He owns one (Xena) and she is an awesome, beautiful dog. To shorten the story, my friend contacted Tony Southard and Tony had a litter that was ready to be weaned. My friend had gotten Xena from Tony about a year and a half earlier. The mother of this litter was also the mother of Xena! So I traveled to Tony's place and saw the pups and the parents. Wonderful dogs and Tony and his wife are wonderful people. The female I chose and later named Nala is everything I ever imagined she would be. No fear of anything or anyone. Easy to train and at almost 9 months old, is filling out nicely. If I ever get another dog, I won't give a second thought to going back to Tony Southard. His dogs are top notch.”

“Lex is such a smart and beautiful dog. She is naturally protective of us and our home, and was trained by Tony himself. She gets along well with our German Shepherd, and rules the roost most of the time. Lex is loving to all who meet her, and especially to our young nieces and nephews. Her high energy keeps us entertained and she stays focused when doing drills. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect addition to our family!”
Joe Mace

“I have had a relationship with Southard K9 for the past 5 years. In that time, I have either owned or trained 6 dogs from Tony. One dog is trained as my service dog and she does an excellent job with all her tasks, she is level headed yet still has amazing drive when competing in dock diving and lure coursing (at one point even being the fastest Malinois in fast cat). Another dog was trained as a dual purpose dog and worked in a police department in Ohio. I’m working with two currently that will be great prospects for sport and I am hoping to compete with one in French Ring.  I have found Tony’s dogs to have fantastic drive, whether with food or toy or both. They are motivated to train and want to please their handler, and they build strong bonds with their handler.  Tony does a great job pairing pups with their owners. The first dog I got from Tony was everything I wanted and I never hesitated to purchase another dog from him. These dogs have a lot of drive and a lot of energy, and they need a job as an outlet for that energy. While you need to put in the work training consistently, you will be rewarded with a dog that is better than you could have imagined. Thank you Southard K9 for the great dogs I have gotten from you including my best friend who changed my life. I will be forever grateful.“
Patricia Humbert

“I have known Tony for several years.  I not only transport his pups to new buyers but I also own one.  His dogs are high drive no nonsense.  I've have had several malinois as well as German shepherds but my boy Breacher is by far the best mal I've had.  We bonded right off.  He was super easy to train and is constantly aware of our surroundings when traveling.  He hits hard like a truck and bites like no other.  If you're a serious dog person looking for a serious dog, Tony's your guy.  I would definitely purchase again with  no hesitation.  Anyone I come in contact with that is looking for a dog for protection or scent work Tony's the first and only person I recommend.”
Clint Barnett

“Tony gave us not one, but two of the most amazing dogs I’ve ever had. Archer is a certified Search and Rescue Canine, who was trained in less than a year - a complete natural and willing to do anything to make me happy. Boen is well on his way and really picking up Search and Rescue quickly. These dogs are more than amazing - they have nerves like no other, and won’t stop at anything to do their jobs! I won’t go anywhere else for my dogs!!!”
Brooke Maharg

“At Southard Kennels you will find KNPV puppies or young trained dogs of the Finest Quality here in the United States. Tony is someone that I can alway call on for any helpful resolve.  I've been traning and breeding dog's for 30yrs. and I am blessed to own dog's of the same lineage. If I ever need any trusted and experienced knowledge my wife will always say "JUST CALL TONY." Thanks Always Brother.“

“I have known Tony Southard  for several years. Today I want to say about his website and the animals he trains and breeds. These animals are bred and trained with the highest integrity. So if you are looking to have one of the best animals that  will be trained and imprinted then you have come to the right trainer and breeder.“

“Southard K9 has consistently provided the best K9 I could has asked for in a partner. On my second pup from Tony, she has shown the consistent drive and quality I’ve have wanted in a partner. Proven in search and rescue, tracking, and even working with herding cattle on the ranch, his K9s have shown their worth many many times over. Tony Southard’s years of experience has helped me be paired with the dog I’ve needed and has set us both up for success both on and off the job. I’m very thankful for the attention to detail and passion for the dogs he raises!“

“Thank you Tony for being able to tell what a pup is going to be like when they are grown. We asked for a female that would be beautiful, super smart and a great family dog. You hit all 3 spot on with Neesha!!! The most loving dog I’ve ever had and my best friend! I can’t ever imagine having any other breed then a Mali. They make you work but they give you 10 fold back. Thank you again and will definitely refer anyone that wants only the best!!!” 

“During Hurricane Florence I was tasked with keeping my Lieutenant’s prized dog safe while still working to keep others safe. At that time her name was Mango, which is now Zero. She was an awesome dog and followed me everywhere and would do whatever I asked or at least try. When it was time to give her back I was actually a lot more sad than I thought, but I knew she was ment to be a working dog for my Lt. Some time went by and out of the blue I received a call from my Lt asking me if I wanted Zero. Without thinking I blurted out yes, and was on my way to pick her up. When I got there to get her she wasn’t quite the same dog I knew, but I was going to work hard to make sure she filled her potential. After getting her it was an adjustment for both of us and my other two dogs, but we were gonna make it work. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the man who I call the “True Dog Guru”, Tony Southard. This man stayed up half the night because of the time difference between Holland to North Carolina for me to make sure she was put in my name and her name was changed. Wait though, he didn’t stop there and I never thought he would. Tony took time weekly to work with Zero and I. The first 15 seconds Tony had Zero’s leash I believe she would have done anything for him and she did. On a side note, I have worked with these dogs and other working dogs a long time but I was speechless watching him work my dog. Not only did he help Zero gain her confidence but he became a mentor and friend to me! Zero is not only a smart, hard working and loving dog but she’s my spirit! I have received so many compliments on Zeros beauty and abilities not only in the field but at home also. When I’m asked where she came from I am quick to tell them to come sit a spell and let me tell ya a story about where this dog came from. I pride myself on showing not just saying and Expect the same from people I keep in my circle or use as recommendations. I can vouch that not only are his dogs top notch but the blood, sweat and tears this man puts into the dogs and his training is not even comparable to any other breeders or trainers I know”

“It was July of 2017 when we first met Tony Southard. We found him on Facebook in 2013 and had followed him ever since. He coincidently lived at the coast near my sister and we were able to meet him while visiting family. We met the famous Delta and watched Tony work with her. That day my husband got to put on a bite sleeve and experience Tony’s world class training first hand. 
We knew one day we would have one of his dogs. At that time we had a rescue malinois. She had been abused and was definitely a liability. Tony welcomed us to return the next day and so graciously helped us with her. He worked with her while we watched from afar leaving us speechless with a very obedient dog. After returning back to the Charlotte area, we couldn’t shut up about Tony and his dogs. We unfortunately could not commit to a new puppy at the time but my husband’s mother wanted and needed one of Tony’s finest. Her husband had just passed away that April and Tony had just had a litter that June that would be ready in August. 
When you purchase a pup from Tony, you aren’t just getting a Belgian Malinois. He takes time getting to know you and asks questions as to what you’re looking for in a dog. He hand picks the perfect dog for each person. In August we returned to the coast and picked up  Sandy Beach. She is now 4 years old and the very best friend to my mother in law. She is everything she didn’t even know she needed. She guards the house, comforts her, entertains her and keeps her young and on her toes. She talks about her more than her children and grandchildren and Sandy is spoiled rotten. She has had many offers to take Sandy to which she may drop a curse word or two and nicely refer people to get their own dog from Tony. My husband would periodically message Tony about Sandy and how amazing she is. One evening in January of this year Sandy was barking to go outside. This time it was different. She ran to the road where she found my husbands Grandfather laying in the ditch and alerted my mother-in-law. Apparently he had gone to check the mail and had fallen and couldn’t get up. If Sandy had not made my mother-in-law get up and let her out , he may have frozen to death that evening. It was that conversation reporting this incident that Tony told my husband Delta is due to have a litter very soon and possibly her last. You may remember earlier in my story, Delta is special to Josh. 
On January 20th 2021, Delta and Duco had a litter. We are blessed to report after many years and waiting for the right timing, we finally have our own Southard K9. My husband knew he wanted a male years ago. He named this dog 4 years ago and was excited to finally meet his Ares. Notice I said “His” Ares. On St Patrick’s day weekend, we drove back to the coast and picked up St. Ares. He was hand picked. This dog was supposed to be my husband’s dog. This is such a false statement. Ares is our dog. I can honestly say I have never loved a dog so much. I’ve never owned a dog so smart. I’ve never spoiled a dog so much. I’ve never missed a dog when I’m away from him. I’ve never joined a dog bar so my dog can play. I’ve never ordered auto ship toys to the house. I’ve never allowed a dog to get away with turning on a bathtub to drink fresh water and get in and play. I’ve never considered taking a dog on vacation with me. I’ve never tried to convince my husband he loves me more even though Ares goes to work every day. I wouldn’t take a million dollars for this dog. We owe Tony so much more.”
Anne Marie Camp


“Have 2 MALS from Tony Southard they are trained as a team in bite work, one high and one low. Also track as a team. They are tough, This is my male AGROES working out with  a 75 pound dumb bell. The most he has brought to me is 85. Has all the Ring 3 program, call off is about 3 feet at 50 meters. But so much drive. We run 3 to 5 miles a day. Both are so much fun, maybe not the best sport dogs. But true working dogs. Thanks Tony Southard“
Billy Tucker

Congratulations to Sang and Echo!
Sang took Echo to Harpers Ferry, WV to an AMPWDA (American Mantrailing, Police and Working Dog Association) event this past weekend to certify in urban tracking.  Urban tracking is one of the hardest trailing disciplines as it is mostly on hard surface.  
All of AMPWDA certification’s are run double blind, meaning no one is with or following the K9 handler that knows the trail.  Both the subject and the K9 handler are tracked with electronic GPS’s and the tracks are compared following a successful completion. 
Congratulations to Sang and Echo for completing this difficult certification!  We are very proud to have them as an asset on our team!
From the AMPWDA standards page:
AMPWDA Urban Mantrailing
The trail will be a minimum of forty-five (45) minutes old and approximately three quarters (.75) mile in distance.  There may be one (1) or more major road crossings. There will be an intentional cross trail. There will be at least two (2) ninety (90) degree turns. Trail will laid in an urban or suburban setting with the majority of the trail on hard surface. Scent article may be used. Handler, Canine and one (1) Person Backup will be permitted. The runner will be waiting at the end of the trail. The K9 team will be given ten (10) minutes to start the trail and forty-five (45) minutes to complete the trail.
Kara Franklin Kim

“To Tony Southard  K9.... Tony the 11 week Male Belgium  is incredible.... carried Him to be evaluated at a K 9 Law Enforcement training center where K9s for Law Enforcement plus Military are evaluated, trained and paired with handlers that also are subjected to professional K9 Training.... Tony Your bred Puppy was exceptional in accepting the evaluation and test for having the drive to hunt thereby fit the K9 profile.... Tony this K9 you developed began understanding and reacting to imprinting on explosives..... His next step will be tracking.... Ranger is an incredible pup...... GOOD JOB.....Thank You”
Ray Freeman

Tony has the best Malinois and dutch shepherds in the United States. I have got several dogs from Tony over the years. If you are looking for a knowledgeable breeder and look no further because you won't find a malinois or dutch shepherd from any other breeder. His dogs can do any job that you want them to do. I wouldn't buy a dog from anyone but Tony. He has the best of the best.

Two years ago, I bought my Raptor from Tony. I was completely impressed with his commitment to my family and our desire to have one of his coveted pups! Tony was and has been so instrumental with the buying process, but furthermore, he has been forthcoming with helping me train Raptor. Tony’s dogs are the best blood lines, (I did my own research). Tony takes time with his clients and I honestly don’t know of any other breeder of his caliber. It’s astonishing to be able to have my Raptor (who is two years old now), and was so easy to train! Tony is the breeder of all breeders! If you’re wanting to obtain and high quality pup who will become family, then Tony is the man you must talk to! Raptor has been a best friend to my 7 year old son, who has been to the Children’s’ Hospital numerous times this year alone. I’ve trained Raptor in obedience and minor bite work, however, due to Tony’s quality blood lines, Raptor has taken an extra role as a loving buddy to my son, during this trying time. I will admit, that Raptor sleeps in my wife’s and my king size bed. I never trained Raptor to do this but three times a night, he softly walks to my son’s room to check on him, and returns to our bed. On one occasion, Raptor came running back and woke me up… as he ran back to my son’s room, I knew something was wrong. I’ll remind you, Raptor was never trained for this. It turned out that Grayson (that night) was running a 103.7 fever. If you desire a furry family member, then go see Tony Southard at Southard K9’s. I can not express enough love for what Raptor has done for our family, and more specifically, my son. Thanks Tony! The Clay’s love you!
Ryan Clay

I got a male pup from Tony about 1 year ago. I was specific on the pup because I would be using him for my youth dog training program and also has a narcotics detection K9. I must say I got what I wanted plus more. The pup took to kids, odor work, dock diving. He is level headed and has a great threshold. I’d definitely purchase another pup from Tony. 
Joe FlugeOwner Sheyenne River Kennels and Founder K9 Crew.
Joe Fluge

I purchased a Belgium Malinois from Southard K9, after doing research and recommendation from a friend. Being a prior handler and trainer, I discussed with Southard K9 that the canine was going to be a personal canine for home. We discussed the high energy of the breed and the need for attention and interaction within the family.
On upon getting the young canine, even at 3 months of age I could observe some of the training that he had already had accomplished for sociability and focus as he bonded with the family.
My Belgium Malinois will be 2 years old at the end of February, and I am not disappointed, as he has integrated himself within the family and very protective.
As a retired Marine, prior canine handler and now administrator if you want a high energy, reliable canine I would recommend Southard K9. They will discuss with you want and deliver.
Andy Warrick
Retired USMC first sergeant
FBI National Academy Graduate
Current deputy chief division of police Middletown, Ohio

Just wanted to share that I am one of Tony’s from Southard K9 owner. I researched Belgian Malinois breeders and found Tony’s site. Knowing I wanted one of his pups, my wife suggested we call because she wanted to gift one to me. Upon talking with Tony numerous times, we did purchase a beautiful male pup. We traveled from Rhode Island to North Carolina and believe me, it was beyond worth it and the pup that Tony chose for us was perfect. We named him Jax.Tony is the most honorable, respectful, and trustworthy person I have ever met and dealt with. His love and dedication to the purity of his dogs is remarkable. If you ever have questions or concerns, Tony always makes himself available to guide you. You can tell how knowledgeable he is with his dogs. His dedication and love for his dogs shines through to each and every one.After picking up this pup and having him become part of our family and continued to prove to us to be the right choice we made, Jax is loving, loyal, protective, and absolutely the best dog ever.We have stayed in touch with Tony and have purchased multiple pups from him, all catering to our needs, likes, and family.We consider Tony family. We have obtained a remarkable bond with him and his family. I would not hesitate to recommend his dogs to everyone. Tony will provide the best fit for you and your family.To get the best and to deal with an incredible friend and breeder with supreme honesty, integrity, loyalty, and sense of family, call him—you will not be disappointed.Thank you, Tony, for being an incredible trainer and breeder of these magnificent dogs. Thank you for the perfect fur babies for our family (we have multiple). Thank you for becoming a friend and part of our family.The Zachas Family
Debra Zachas

Tony Southard of Southard K-9 sets the standard as a breeder.  Our Belgian Malinois, Cerberus, is a wonderful addition to our family.  Tony is dedicated to ensuring his puppies come from outstanding working lines.  He regularly imports Sires and Bitches from the best lines in Europe and it shows in every litter.  Our pup came ready to work and is an example of Tony’s hard work and proven methods.  These pups are not for first-time Malinois owners, but if you know the breed, there is nowhere better to get your next pup.
Jackie Hatley




I have gotten to know Tony a while ago.

Always ready to share knowledge, and a person you can trust.

He and his wife are the k-9 family I recommend.

It's really great to see someone in the states care so much for healthy and high quality dogs. Not only for the puppy's but also the father and mother of the dogs. Also using some of the best dogs from Holland to breed is great to see .

Can't wait to see the next litters. Hope to meet you both in the future.

Jessie Van Leersum


Want to see our pups and dogs in action? Check them out. We have produced some outstanding dogs for police work, protection work, search and rescue, sport and simply loyal and loving companions. 




Mayor Tiffany Hughes

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